Meet your TrailerTec UK Sales Team


Two driven experts with many years of experience in the transport sector are at the heart of TrailerTec UK: meet Jon Mellish and Dave Cross.


Thirty years’ experience with trailers

Dave Cross boasts more than 30 years of experience in the trailer industry, including two decades as a salesman. Within TrailerTec UK he is responsible for the northern part of the country.


Kraker and D-TEC knowledge and know-how

Jon Mellish also has a wealth of experience with more than twenty years of sales experience, ten of which are specifically in the transport sector. He has been selling Kraker and D-TEC products in the UK for three years already.

Jon and Dave agree that the TrailerTec formula provides added value for the British transport sector: "With TrailerTec UK there is direct contact between the factory and the end user. With this sales organisation, we have made the intervention of a dealer unnecessary. This means short lines of communication and therefore faster responses, as stated earlier. It also provides a direct and tangible benefit for the customer in the form of competitive prices. With TrailerTec UK, we offer our customers a single organisation where they can purchase and get advice on different types of vehicles."

It is not only in his work that Jon pushes the boundaries and goes to extremes, he also does that in his free time, after work. Jon is a fanatic motor racing enthusiast. But he does not limit himself to be a spectator, as he also likes to participate. He is also a fan of extreme sports such as downhill mountain biking.

Dave also enjoys football, as a supporter. His favourite club is Manchester City. Dave believes that it is all about team effort and results, which is also true for TrailerTec UK.


Contact us

For all questions about Kraker moving floor trailers and D-TEC vehicles, please contact


Dave Cross

+44 (0)7734 685 599


Jon Mellish

+44 (0)798 519 3954