Trailertec is a cooperation between two dutch leading trailer manufacturers: D-TEC Products & Kraker Trailers. 

​D-TEC is now a widely known name in the transport market for containers and solid and liquid products (manure). D-TECs innovative transport solutions are the result of many years’ experience, research and development. The development team is continuously working to devise and optimize designs. What applies for transport, also applies for us: to stand still is to go backwards. Thinking ahead gives you an edge!

D-TEC: Lift up your profit!

Kraker Trailers is the leading manufacturer of moving floor trailers. Kraker Trailers has expanded its production area with 6600 m2 in 2016. This enabled the Dutch manufacturer to more than double its manufacturing capacity of moving floor trailers.

Kraker Trailers has an extensive network of dealers and authorised service partners. Kraker Trailers is the first manufacturer to deliver moving floor trailers delivers that are assembled with screw connections instead of the traditional welded joints. This new type has been thoroughly tested and it showed that the K-Force, as expected, was able to withstand large forces. Thanks to the construction method, the K-Force can also be assembled on location by authorised service partners. The K-Force trailer is produced in series and can be delivered with a limited number of options.

Other types developed by Kraker Trailers are the CF-ISO (an insulated moving floor trailer), the CF-X (with a steering system) and the CF-Agri (for loading during harvesting).