Kraker Trailers and D-TEC united to form TrailerTec UK

Fast delivery, competitive prices Kraker Trailers and D-TEC united to form TrailerTec UK. The products of Dutch manufacturers Kraker Trailers and D-TEC are supplied to the English market by TrailerTec UK. The team that acts as the point of contact for customers consists of Jon Mellish and Dave Cross.

Delivery from stock

The concept is very simple: buy from TrailerTec UK for fast and clear contact and hassle-free delivery. Standard vehicles from both manufacturers are supplied from stock. Short lines of communication between the customer, TrailerTec UK and the production plants to ensure perfect vehicles that comply with customer requirements. TrailerTec UK operates in a transparent manner as the sellers are employed by the company to ensure that the vehicles are delivered without the intervention of third parties. This enables TrailerTec UK to offer very competitive prices.

In addition to the standard vehicles supplied from stock, both manufacturers also offer the rest of their product range through TrailerTec UK. At D-TEC this includes tank and container trailers and the new tipper that will become available at the end of 2019. A vacuum trailer is another addition to the D-TEC product range, which is currently in the pipeline. This means for Kraker customers that the full range of moving floor trailers, including K-Force and other types, can now be purchased from TrailerTec UK.


One-stop shopping

TrailerTec UK offers customers the convenience of all services under one roof. We are convinced that this "one-stop shopping" approach is in line with what customers are looking for: quality, service, a wide range of products and fast processing, all under one roof.

TrailerTec UK offers:

  • sales of Kraker moving-floor trailers (K-Force and the CF range)
  • sales of D-TEC tank and container trailers, to be supplemented by the D-TEC tipper and vacuum trailer from the end of 2019
  • competitive prices
  • after-sales service and spare parts for both brands

TrailerTec UK Team

The TrailerTec UK team consists of Jon Mellish and Dave Cross. Both are very familiar with the products from the Dutch manufacturers and they can provide professional advice to customers on which type of vehicle best suits their transport needs. Jon Mellish has been involved in the TrailerTec organisation for a long time already and he knows all the ins and outs of the vehicles and the market. Dave Cross came from Steadplan, a service partner of Kraker Trailers. It was decided through consultation that Dave would continue his sales activities in TrailerTec UK, to allow Steadplan to focus on the maintenance, repair and supply of spare parts. TrailerTec UK has a nationwide service network for customers for maintenance and repairs, as well as for periodic inspections for warranty purposes. Steadplan is an important link in this process.