A lighter vehicle, efficient to produce, with a long lifespan

Is it possible to produce a lighter vehicle efficiently and quickly, which is of high quality and has a long lifespan? This question has long been asked by the head of Kraker Trailers, CEO Jan Daniels. The answer turned out to be “yes”. In recent years, Kraker Trailers has dedicated itself to the development of this project, resulting in a new moving floor trailer: the K-Force model.

The K-Force, as this new type of moving floor trailer is called, is distinct from all other types of Kraker-made moving floor trailers, as well as those produced by other manufacturers, because most of the welded joints have been replaced by bolts. After a thorough development phase, the engineering department has built the first prototype. This trailer has undergone all possible tests, producing a very clear result: the bolt connections can withstand the same force as the traditional welds.

The bolted trailers have an additional benefit: they can be transported as self-assembly kits. Why is it a plus that a moving floor trailer can be assembled on location? When exporting to other European countries, this means a big saving on transport costs. Multiple trailers are transported in one consignment. The trailers are then assembled by a Kraker Trailers-certified workshop in the destination country, or in a neighbouring country if, for example, the labour costs are more favourable there. Using bolts enables Kraker Trailers to guarantee the quality of the vehicles, whereas the welding process is more difficult to monitor remotely. Kraker Trailers is also keeping a sharp eye on the long term: once transport and assembly on location in Europe has become standard, this manner of transport also offers possibilities for exporting to other continents.

Kraker Trailers’ newly-built factory is fully equipped for the line production of the K-Force-trailer. The existing plant will be used for the construction of so-called specials: trailers that vary from the standard trailer, or that are built completely to customers’ specifications. Even though Kraker Trailers uses bolts for the assembly of the K-Force, that is not to say that you can no longer find any welds in the trailer. Of course, the side walls are welded. However Kraker Trailers has a new, efficient method fort his process and has developed and built a special welding robot.