Development of D-TEC tank trailers

D-TEC has several tank trailers available in its range, such as the tank trailer for transporting manure and the latest development, a vacuum tank trailer.

Manure tank trailer

The manure tank trailer plays an important function in the biogas chain. The high level of efficiency with which work can be carried out means that the manure tank can be quickly loaded and unloaded. The basic version of this tank trailer contains forced steering. This allows for effortless manoeuvring on farmyards, which are often cramped. This tank trailer is known for its low weight.

These tanker trailers are also available as a fixed version. Ask your TrailerTec UK specialist about the benefits and options available.


Vacuum trailer

In addition to the tank trailer for manure, D-TEC is also working hard on the development of a vacuum tank trailer for the cleaning and waste water market. The guiding principles for the development of this trailer were a vacuum tank vessel with a diameter of 2m and a capacity of 30m3. The first vacuum tank trailer is expected to be ready at the end of 2019 and it will be on display in 2020 at the Lamma Show in Birmingham.