D-TEC, specialist in container chassis

Including multifunctional and divisible container chassis, and simple and fixed chassis: D-TEC produces and TrailerTec UK supplies.

A feature of this D-TEC product is that it combines the lowest possible weight with the highest payload, compared to similar products from other suppliers. The good reputation and quality also guarantee a high residual value. D-TEC's motto is "Lift up your profit”, which is clearly evident in the range of container chassis, which has a very low operating cost per kilometre.

D-TEC has been producing the well-known Combitrailer and Flexitrailer for more than a quarter of a century.

D-TEC's Combitrailer is a divisible trailer that has been developed for the transportation of 2 20ft containers. If the trailer is shared, two 20ft containers can be loaded or unloaded simultaneously. The Combitrailer is also suitable for transporting one 40ft container.

The well-known Flexitrailer is a container chassis for transporting all ISO containers, ranging from 20 to 45 ft. At 4,600 kg, the Flexitrailer is the lightest on the market.