D-TEC Weighing System wins Trailer Innovation 2019

KESTEREN - Trailer builder D-TEC has introduced a track and trace container weighing system on trailers at the IAA in Hanover, which allows sea container hauling transporters and shippers to easily comply with the SOLAS Convention. Journalists from 16 renowned European transport magazines have rewarded D-TEC with the 3rd prize at the Trailer Innovation Award 2019. On 21 September, the official presentation of the award will take place at the IAA Commercial Vehicles Fair in Hannover.

'The uniqueness of our system is that it not only allows containers to be weighed worldwide without the need for a weighbridge, but that the weighing and transporting of each container can be monitored online at the same time. That’s the ‘track and trace’ system”, as summarized by D-TEC’s manager Gerrit van Vlastuin.

Short instruction video

No weighbridge
Thanks to the built-in track and trace in the truck and trailer, an importer from, let’s say, Western Europe can see exactly where, when and how much is loaded in his container - even in intermediate loading or unloading. This data is available for authorized persons within the entire chain. The traceability is therefore completely transparent.
Van Vlastuin: “It also reduces the administrative burden, because a shipper no longer has to transfer the weight to, for example, the shipping company. Furthermore, a driver no longer has to make extra mileage to find a weighbridge. This saves valuable time and is better for the environment.”

In the Cloud
The container weighing system weighs the container load when the driver starts driving and reaches a speed of about 8 km/h. To verify the weight, the system performs several measurements and then writes the correct weight in the cloud. Via an app on his smartphone, the driver receives a message that the measurement has proceeded successfully. Thereafter, authorized persons within the chain can retrieve the information from the cloud by means of the container number.